How do I transfer my entire catalog to Avora?

To proceed with a catalogue transfer from another distributor to Avora Now, we recommend to follow the next steps:


  • Upload the release(s) to our platform: use same ISRC codes to ensure that you do not lose the play data. Regarding the UPC code, we recommend not to use the same one (we can generate one for you).
  • Distribute the releases as per usual.
  • Wait until the releases appear online in the digital stores (You can see this under the "History" tab). This way they with be duplicated (one from other distributor and the other from Avora Now) and wait one week approx. to see the plays transferred.


If after one week you don't see the new release with the correct plays contact us:

  • Once the plays appear correctly transferred, please, ask your previous distributor to take down the releases from their platform.